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Rebecca was incredible! I get indecisive, stressed and ask questions about every little thing, and she was so patient, answered everything I wanted to know, and was encouraging. She took the time to get to know me more than my test scores and grades, so she had the best advice on the schools that were the best fit for me. She even called me when I was freaking out after an interview. I would have been lost in the entire application process if it weren’t for Rebecca. She explained each step to me, assigned me deadlines, read over my essays several times, gave me advice and encouraged me. I was accepted to my first choice school because of Rebecca and all of her help to make me the strongest applicant I could be.
Annika Mukherjee

Barnard College of Columbia University



We could not be more excited about where Sophia landed (her dream school), and we owe a great deal to Rebecca as the process took much of the stress out of the experience while challenging our daughter to think broadly about her school list. Most importantly, Rebecca really got Sophia to narrow down what she wanted in a college and stick to her plan! Plus, Rebecca was super positive and encouraging throughout. We could not recommend Collegewise more! It’s a great investment. I think getting kids and parents to focus on real fit over preconceived ideas is really effective. Also, the work Rebecca and her team did on Sophia’s essays was top-notch.

Rick Froehlich, Parent of Sophia Froehlich
NYU Stern School of Business

Rebecca did an amazing job helping me find colleges that would be a great fit for me, made the application process stress-free, and supported me during my crazy whirlwind of a senior year! I could not have done this without Rebecca, and I’m so grateful that she guided me so gracefully through the whole process. I cannot recommend her highly enough; Rebecca is fantastic! We are definitely sending my little brother to her. She really makes the application process smooth and even fun.

Emily Brown


Collegewise really helped me with every step of the college application process. I was extremely stressed about applying to college, but going to Collegewise made the whole process easy and straightforward.

Read Winter
University of South Carolina


Collegewise helped me stay on top of the college application process while still being able to keep a handle on my school work. Thanks to Rebecca, I was accepted to almost every school I applied to and ultimately went to one of my top choice schools. Collegewise truly made the entire process a much less stressful experience.

Nick Lundburg
Colorado State University


I am extremely happy with Rebecca’s professional and friendly service. She was so attentive when helping Ann with the best university she could attended. She assisted Ann with her college search and application from A-Z without my involvement. She constantly reported to me so that I was informed every single step of the way. I give Rebecca a big thumbs up and will definitely recommend her to my friends or anyone who needs this kind of service.

Phan Pho, Parent of Ann Nguyen


Collegewise’s timeline management helped our daughter apply early to colleges, which resulted in acceptances starting to arrive in November. Rebecca’s enthusiastic encouragement and attention to detail allowed our daughter to focus on what was important and increased her confidence. We easily recommend Collegewise and Rebecca to any family who wants to reduce the stress of the college application process and encourage their child to be more autonomous. Rebecca’s thoughtful questions and great listening skills helped our daughter develop a list of colleges that were ideal for her. She was accepted to all the colleges that she applied to!

Cheryl, Parent of Diana
Austin College


Rebecca was so incredibly helpful in helping me create a college list that I was happy with and ensuring that I was prepared to submit my applications. She kept me motivated and excited about where I would go to college. I ended up applying to 11 schools and getting into 9, including NYU, Vanderbilt, and Washington University in St. Louis. Working with Rebecca was an incredible experience, and I’d recommend Collegewise to anyone who is considering it.

Sophia Froehlich
NYU Stern School of Business



Rebecca is awesome! She is very professional, knowledgeable, and super helpful. I appreciate her dedication to helping my daughter succeed. I am definitely coming to her to help with my son’s college application.

Leila, Parent of Sana
The University of Texas at Austin


I found Collegewise to be very valuable, and the help and guidance Rebecca provided ensured I got into one of my top-choice colleges. The tracking system was an excellent way to make sure that I didn’t miss any key dates and that all requirements were completed. Rebecca’s personal knowledge and insight were invaluable, and I truly feel my applications would not have been nearly as competitive without her help. She was also very supportive and encouraging. I found the editing and brainstorming of the essays (done by Liz) to also be an extremely helpful part of the program. Overall, it was a great experience and well worth the investment.

Sean Bennett
Texas A&M


We really enjoyed and valued working with Rebecca Putter and her Collegewise team. They were professional and extremely well organized and knowledgeable with every step of the journey. The tools and resources they provided were excellent, and Rebecca was also accessible for one-on-one meetings and phone calls. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about guiding my son until we started working with Rebecca. While there are a lot of resources online to guide parents through the process of identifying and selecting schools and then applying, it can quickly become information overload. The Collegewise team had the data and the facts as well as the personal experiences, which enabled us to focus on what was most important with confidence we were helping our child be as competitive as possible for the schools he chose to apply to.

Kathy Bennett, Parent of Sean Bennett
Texas A&M


When I was younger, I thought the idea of college was the coolest thing ever, and I expected it to be the easiest thing to apply and get in. It turns out that it is actually very complicated at times. Collegewise helped me so much from the start to finish of my college application period and made everything so much more fun and easy to understand than if I went through the process all by myself. I cannot recommend Collegewise enough. Rebecca was amazing at helping me understand everything and was just so much fun to talk to, so it was honestly the greatest way to get ready for everything related to college.

Raaya Alim
University of Massachusetts Amherst


I’m so glad that I worked with Collegewise! Without it, I definitely would not have met the early application dates. The set deadlines made my experience a lot less stressful in the end.

Audrey Stevens
Hofstra University


Working with Rebecca was quite an incredible experience. From the very basics of the college application process to the various secrets of admission, Rebecca was incredibly enlightening as she guided me. Moreover, she sincerely cared about my success, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Teja Gummadi
University of Pittsburgh, 8 Year Dental Program


We started with Collegewise when Aidan was a sophomore, and we were making a significant commitment without really knowing how it would go. Well, it went great! Initially I was involved in each meeting with Aidan and Rebecca. As things progressed I grew comfortable with not being involved in everything due to the great rapport they developed. Rebecca always provided great summaries and kept me completely in the loop. It was wonderful working with someone with such knowledge of the whole process. I especially appreciated the work on getting quality essays. This is something I think would have been much more daunting on our own. The end result was Aidan had great success in acceptances, giving him a diverse set of choices from which to make his final decision. I recommend Rebecca and Collegewise wholeheartedly!

Mike Asal, Parent of Aidan Asal
Trinity University


Collegewise made a difficult, confusing, and stressful process into something I could handle and provided the counseling I needed to attain the goals I set for myself. Rebecca helped me understand what I wanted out of college and where I wanted to be in the future.

Aidan Asal
Trinity University


Collegewise made the entire college application process easier on our entire family even though we signed up very late (fall of senior year). Rebecca provided invaluable assistance to our daughter in so many ways, from selecting schools to editing essays, from managing deadlines to encouraging an over-achieving daughter to find life balance. Rebecca was not only a strong support for our daughter; she was and continues to be an invaluable resource for information. Working collaboratively with our family, Collegewise helped us find the perfect fit. Whether you sign up as a freshman or as a senior, this service is worth every penny and then some. We will always be grateful for all the support we received from Rebecca and the staff at Collegewise.

Tisha Brown, Parent of Emily Brown


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a great team over the past couple of months. Not only did my Collegewise team strategically highlight my personal skills so I could be a competitive candidate, they also encouraged and supported me in such a way that instilled confidence (both in me and my parents). They really helped to make sure that I stayed on track, which turned a high-stress process into one that was completely manageable. The most important aspect of my experience was how well I connected with my counselor, Rebecca. It made all the difference.

Sana Petratos
University of Texas at Austin


Collegewise was really helpful in getting me ready for college. The college counselors at my school did not have us start the college application process until a few weeks before the start of school. When I got to school, everyone was just starting to fill out their Common Application, while I was already done! I had also already made a lot of headway on my essays. I had things done a lot earlier than other students at my school because of Collegewise. I also felt like I was a lot more on top of it and much more organized than I would have been if I hadn’t gotten help.

Ginger Bellingrath
Rhodes College


Starting the college application process was incredibly daunting. I didn’t know what I wanted to major in, what part of the country I wanted to go to school in, whether I wanted a large or small school, or even what schools there were. Rebecca provided me with all the tools I needed and helped make the entire experience manageable. While it’s true that the application process can be rather stressful, Collegewise made everything easier and also helped me find excitement in it. It was wonderful to come into each meeting and see my advisor as excited and invested in my college experience as I was. I could tell everyone at Collegewise wanted to help me find the best path for myself after high school.

Diana Clarkson
Austin College


Many, many thanks to Rebecca for making the college application process so much easier for my daughter–and her parents! Jenna and Rebecca hit it off immediately and worked together so well. We both respected all her advice and guidance. Jenna got into her dream/reach school and we are all so thrilled! 

Anne, Parent of Jenna 


I loved working with Rebecca. Not only does she exude positive thoughts throughout the stressful process of applying to college, but she simplifies it so much that it became efficient as well as easy. Rebecca provided so much insight into the process and helped me craft my application to portray the best aspects of myself (quite possibly the most difficult aspect). 

Nikita Telang 
University of Texas at Austin 


I don’t know where I would be without Ms. Putter. It was a good feeling to be able to finish my applications before all of my friends and brag about my college counselor. I have Ms. Putter to thank for making this process as smooth and as easy as it gets. I would be so lost without her help! 

Jenna Howard 



Rebecca was a fantastic counselor. We purchased a package that provided us with editing for my daughter’s essays and project management of the entire process, in addition to the identification of the schools best suited for her abilities and interests. Rebecca was great at holding my daughter accountable for the necessary tasks, but in a way that felt like a partner instead of a disciplinarian. My daughter was accepted to one of her reach schools, and we couldn’t be happier! 

Kim Rutledge, Parent of Caroline Williams 
The New School 


My daughter Mackenzy came to us at the beginning of senior year and asked me if she could have a college counselor, and I thought, Well, let’s check it out. Little did I know how expensive it would be! I thought just for a moment that we could do this ourselves. What was I thinking??? I can tell you that Rebecca saved Mackenzy and me through this whole CRAZY process of applying to 11 different schools. I don’t know how I would have done it without her! She is definitely worth the money. I currently have a sophomore, and I will be using Rebecca in another two years. 

Roxie Nikolakos, Parent of Mackenzy Nikolakos 
LIM College 


Rebecca really helped me to relieve some of my stress because she helped me break down all the work I needed to do into little chunks. She also helped make everything seem very manageable and doable, and I am very thankful for that! Without her, my stress level would have been so much higher during my senior year of high school. 

Olivia Lynch 
The University of Texas at Austin 


Rebecca has been extremely helpful. It was our first experience with a “professional college advising service,” and I have to say it was a very nice experience. It took a lot of stress away from the family as a whole and kept my child on track. 

Gauri, Parent of Nivita 
The University of Texas at Austin 


I have loved working with Rebecca this past year! With all the stress of college applications, it was very encouraging to have someone who knew the process to help me. I don’t know if I could have done any of this without guidance, so I am so grateful for all of Rebecca’s help! 

Sandra Muñoz 
Texas A&M University


We had a very positive experience with Collegewise! The ever-changing college applications were especially new to us. Rebecca answered all our questions with confidence and calmness, and even researched information to get the latest information. She helped our daughter narrow her college choices and build her essays. Our daughter felt comfortable, and the steps and expectations were clear and manageable. Rebecca helped us navigate deadlines and requirements to complete applications and get acceptances and scholarships. 

Ana Munoz, Parent of Sandra Munoz 
Texas A&M University 


Rebecca made applying for college so much easier and a lot less stressful! She had me working hard throughout the summer so I had my application done by mid-September! She was no nice, and having an editor for my essays was a lifesaver! Honestly, I have no regrets going through this process. 

Aeysha Kaeley


The Collegewise program was such a stress reliever and motivator, and what senior doesn’t want that? 

Lauren Lewis 
Baylor University 


Collegewise was a huge blessing! It really helped me throughout my whole college application process. Rebecca guided me when I was completely lost, and she made sure I made my deadlines with helpful, friendly reminders. She always checked up on me and celebrated every acceptance with so much enthusiasm. Don’t even get me started on the “Lucky Gong.” For future students, I highly recommend this awesome experience. You will not regret it.

Sanjana Gokhale
University of Houston


I have to say that thanks to Rebecca’s direction, my daughter has an unreal number of college choices. She has been accepted to 7 universities and has received over $130,000 in scholarship money. Now she just has to pick one and get ready to fly. Thanks, Rebecca, for all you helped her do, for encouraging her, and for holding her accountable and letting us as parents know what was happening. We all enjoyed our Christmas holidays because the application process was done and her acceptances started coming in. We know students who are still working on applications. She did the work and it really paid off.

Anna Diaz, Parent of Katherine Diaz
Texas State


Much like the rest of my peers, starting the college application process seemed daunting. I had no idea what schools I wanted to go to or how to even start. When I hear my friends talk about how stressed out they are with the process, I feel somewhat guilty. Applying for colleges with Rebecca was a walk in the park. From our first meeting in August to our last in late September, Rebecca was there to guide me and answer the questions my parents couldn’t. With Rebecca, I researched the schools, made a final list, wrote all of my essays and short answers, and applied to all of the schools early. I applied to 7 schools and walked away with 7 acceptances and 2 scholarships. I don’t think I could’ve pulled it off without Rebecca’s guidance. She made me feel confident in my accomplishments and worthy of my acceptances.

Lizzy Von Der Ahe
University of Oregon

I went into the college application process unsure of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. From the essay edits and brainstorming sessions, to college/career research and the creation of my resume, Rebecca has helped me every step of the way. I was accepted to many schools I never thought I would be able to get into, and I can’t thank her enough!

Marina Gianakopoulos
The University of Virginia

Apart from loving Rebecca and connecting with her easily, I loved the deadlines I was given. They kept me on track, especially with the reminders the website gave me. I personally loved the mentor-mentee friendship thing we had because we didn’t only talk about serious stuff. I always felt excited coming into her office and talking to her. A lot of people can read over your essays and resume, but no other person will be with you all through the whole writing process and give you the specific attention like your counselor at Collegewise.

Karma Dadoush
The University of Texas at Austin

We are so thankful for Rebecca and her team! Thanks to her, Audrey found the perfect fit for her and received enough scholarship money to make the school affordable for us. We highly recommend Collegewise for busy families like ours.

Kellie Stevens, Parent of Audrey Stevens

Hofstra University

Working with Rebecca and Collegewise allowed us to be cheerleaders for our son through this process and enjoy watching him take ownership over his college exploration, application, and acceptance journey with our support. We simply do not have the expertise to provide the guidance he got during his college research phase, and as a result, he came up with a comprehensive and very fitting college list thanks to his hard work with Rebecca. I credit Rebecca and Liz’s tenacity, high expectations for their students, and their expertise for the great essay and short answers that our son had in his Common Application. I am certain this is not something we could have achieved as parents! It was always very clear that Rebecca cared about my child, not in terms of his college application process, though that was certainly the important task at hand, but as a human being. And she took the time to let him know that.

Keri Kinsey, Parent of Stuart Kinsey
Trinity University

I loved working with Rebecca throughout my college application experience. The first time I ever met Rebecca, I immediately knew that I loved her bubbly personality and super cute wardrobe! She knew how to push me in my applications while making sure that I still felt comfortable with everything that I was putting forth. With Rebecca, I was able to take a lot of stress off of my senior year by finishing my applications early. Banging the gong is just as satisfying as it seems!

Ann Nguyen

Rebecca provided exactly what we needed: knowledge of college acceptance requirements and, more importantly, organization so our student could get everything ready on time. We were impressed with the outcome: Our son not only got accepted to his “reach” school, but the financial offers were unbelievable! He got multiple merit-based scholarships and fully paid tuition at many great colleges. We believe Collegewise made a big difference.

Olga, Parent of Nicholas
The University of Texas at Austin


I’m thrilled with the options Juliana has for college now. She was accepted by almost all the universities she applied to. It was a good problem to have to pick one of the acceptances. I feel I would not be able to help my daughter as much as Rebecca did, no matter what I tried. I’m really glad that I had Collegewise to help us out–it was sure worth it, and I recommend Collegewise to all my friends.

Marcelo DeSouza, Parent of Juliana DeSouza
DePaul University


I had an amazing experience with Rebecca at Collegewise. I wasn’t sure where to even begin when it came to college applications, but Rebecca was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I researched all of the colleges I applied to in great detail, and I feel very confident in my decision to attend Baylor. I would highly recommend Rebecca and her services to anyone who needs guidance and assistance in making their final college decision.

Madison Krystyniak
Baylor University


My daughter really struggled with her college selections, and Rebecca’s expert advice and guidance was just what we needed. Her patience and positive approach made the difference, and I truly believe that’s why my daughter has been accepted to almost all her choices. Working with Rebecca was one of the best decisions I made through the whole search process.

Denise Schumann, Parent of Mary Schumann

The University of Texas at Austin


Madison worked closely with Rebecca Putter at Collegewise over a period of months to carefully select the colleges where she would apply. Rebecca helped her using a thorough process of research and guidance. Madison was accepted to Baylor University and will attend beginning August 2016. The process used allowed the college selection to go smoothly and without stress. We are delighted with the outcome, and highly recommend Rebecca and the professionals at Collegewise.

John Krystyniak, Parent of Madison Krystyniak
Baylor University


Our Collegewise experience was fabulous! Our advisor, Rebecca Putter, kept Madison (and our family) on task throughout the college decision-making process. Rebecca provided frank, real-world direction with a concerned, caring attitude. From researching college choices to arranging SAT/ACT test prep recommendations and providing feedback on college essays, Rebecca is truly beyond compare. She was accommodating and supportive throughout the journey. Rebecca helped us navigate Madison’s college search, start to finish, alleviating the stress and mystery surrounding today’s competitive college entrance requirements. Instead of mom and dad nagging, questioning, and, yes, sometimes arguing with our very capable daughter, Rebecca made the process seamless. We highly recommend (and have referred others to) Rebecca and the Collegewise family.

Lorinda Krystyniak, Parent of Madison Krystyniak
Baylor University


Rebecca Putter did an amazing job helping our daughter, Sarah, navigate the choppy waters of college applications. Sarah chose to apply to eight schools and was accepted to all eight! We truly feel that Rebecca’s guidance helped Sarah achieve this goal. Sarah will be attending her dream school, UT, in the fall of 2016, and we could not be happier or more proud of our daughter. At first, we wondered if the fee would be worth it, and we can say “hands down” that it was a great investment!

Dawn Lanier, Parent of Sarah Bohls 
The University of Texas at Austin


I loved my experience with Collegewise! Before coming in to see Rebecca, I honestly had no clue where I wanted to attend college and didn’t even know how to begin applying. Rebecca helped open my eyes to the world of applications and what aspects were and weren’t important to me when picking a college. After working with Collegewise for about a year, I narrowed my college list down to six colleges of varying sizes and ended up getting accepted to all of them!

Robyn Lawrence 
Texas A&M University, College Station


Rebecca Putter made what could have been an enormously stressful time into a pure pleasure. She was experienced enough to help my daughter navigate through the whole process, from preparing for the entrance exams, to selecting where to apply, to submitting applications and essays. She was also great about keeping my wife and me informed on their progress with every step. In the end, my daughter gained admission to Barnard College, which was her first choice among several other highly competitive schools. Rebecca had the experience and the demeanor to make the whole college selection and application process stress-free for my daughter. We definitely plan to work with her again for my younger daughter when her time comes.

Anindya Mukherjee, Parent of Annika Mukherjee 
Barnard College



Rebecca was delightful to work with, especially since I was going through health issues during the application process. She was a wonderful guide for CJ as he navigated the stressful college application process. Since CJ was a transfer student, he had a full schedule with work and community college, and Rebecca helped him to stay focused on his priorities and the deadlines. He credits Collegewise and Rebecca with keeping him motivated to achieve his #1 goal. CJ was accepted to his first choice school and he never dreamed he could be going to such a prestigious college (USC), let alone the Viterbi School of Engineering–a family tradition that goes back several generations. Our entire family is grateful for the support.

Kelli Nugent, Parent of CJ Nugent
USC Viterbi School of Engineering


With a hectic job and family, I needed to have someone help my daughter work her way through the maze that is the college application process. I wanted her to utilize all the information and tactics that a knowledgeable person might have, and that was definitely not me. After several grueling months with Bethany working with Rebecca on essays, the uniform college application as well as proprietary admissions processes and other “College 101” information/situations, she finished it all up and applied to 13 or more colleges. She was accepted by 90% of them and really did have several good ones to choose from.

Chris Kelly-Winslow, Parent of Bethany Winslow
Creighton University


Before Collegewise, I had no idea what to do with my application—or even where to start! Rebecca talked me through essay ideas, how and what to send to colleges, and writing my resume, and on top of it all, she was enthusiastic about it the whole time. She made the whole application process exciting rather than dull (like I originally expected it to be). I didn’t even know which colleges I wanted to apply to, but Collegewise’s college elimination process cleared that up completely. I’ve been accepted to five of my colleges so far, and I’m still awaiting a response from the other schools! No rejection letters yet, and I thank Rebecca for that!

Alexis Huynh
UT Austin


Rebecca not only came in with an organized plan and a place to start, but she also got to know me very well. I felt comfortable sharing my interests, likes and dislikes with her. Going through the process, I felt like I was well-informed of the schools I was deciding between, and now that I am getting acceptance letters, I’m very pleased with the results and have some amazing options for next year.

Makenzie Lundburg
Chapman University


Collegewise has been such a helpful and knowledgeable company to work with thanks to their enthusiastic counselors, insightful tips, and excellent seminars! My favorite part about working with Collegewise was how attentive and determined the counselors are. When I would go into meetings, I felt that it was just a time to work on college and get things sorted out. Overall, Collegewise helped me not just with applications, but also with time management and productivity to become more prepared for college.

Sarah Bohls

The University of Texas at Austin

Rebecca Putter gave outstanding feedback on my resume and essays, which helped refine my whole law school application. She conducted a mock interview in order to prepare me for the interview process as well. There was not a point during my interviews where I felt lost or unprepared. I would not have received a sizable scholarship to a top law school without Rebecca and Collegewise.

Frank George
Northwestern University School of Law

We loved our experience with Rebecca! We sought out Collegewise because we were overwhelmed with the process of looking for the right college. Rebecca immediately teamed up with Nick and the process began. We were able to sit back and watch our son take charge (and ownership) of his college search. The essay writing portion was invaluable. All of his applications were submitted by September 1st! We got to enjoy his senior year without the drama of trying to meet application deadlines. I loved the seminar on college essay writing. I am recommending it to everyone I know. 

Becky Pittner, Parent of Nick Pittner 
Trinity University 


I had literally no idea what I was doing when I started the process of choosing my future college. Collegewise completely changed that. The resources they gave me not only helped me get into my dream school, but I now feel so confident in the process that I might go ahead and apply to be a counselor. My counselor, Rebecca, was simply incredible. Her tutoring and advice were invaluable, but she was more than just a counselor. I feel like I made a friend. It was very clear that she deeply cared for the students she was assisting. She played a pivotal role in my college choice, and a pivotal role in my future. I’m sure she’s done that for countless other students, and will continue to for many more. I can’t thank her enough. 

Nick Pittner 
Trinity University


My family and I are so pleased with Collegewise and the services they offer, specifically because of Ms. Rebecca Putter.  She was such a pleasure to work with.  She was extremely organized, personable and highly proficient. My son James was anxious and apprehensive to even approach college applications.  This was due, in large part, to his “not knowing” what major he wanted to declare.  Through the application process, Ms. Putter was able to help him recognize his academic desire and the application process just took off for him! He was light years ahead of most kids applying to colleges because of her tenacity to keep him on task. Thus, he was able to get accepted into his reach schools and others!  He was admitted early and he even got scholarships to most schools he applied to! Having the application process done in early fall made his senior year altogether more enjoyable and less stressful for the whole family! It was worth every penny spent!  If it were not for Ms. Putter and her professional gift, my child would not have had such a successful college application experience… period!  Collegewise and Ms. Putter have given my child the confidence he needs to approach this very important season of his life and thus, in my opinion, they have given him a great start in life!  Thank you Collegewise and especially Ms. Rebecca Putter. 

Margaret Ann Sanchez, Parent of James Octavius Sanchez 
University of Texas at Austin


I loved working with my counselor, Rebecca. She set good deadlines for each task and checked in to make sure everything was going well with my college applications. She planned out the timeline wisely and made sure I had everything ready. With her help, I had no hassle with the college applications. They were all done on time and with everything taken care of. Though it was a nerve-racking kind of process, she made everything easy by keeping everything in order. 

Dhiraja M.


The college application process felt daunting when I thought I had to do it on my own. I spent so many nights awake dreading the stress and the uncertainty of what it was I had to do if I was going to leave home the next summer. That was until I met Ms. Putter. She took my stress and anxiety about the college application process and transformed them into planning and ease of mind. Since both my parents had attended college more than 20 years ago, we were all at a loss for where to even begin. We were lost amongst a sea of deadlines and due dates. There were words like “early action” and “early decision,” which might as well have been Greek to us. With the guidance of Ms. Putter, she navigated us through the process like a modern day Ferdinand Magellan. I would recommend Collegewise to anyone who feels at all unsure about starting their college journey. 

James O. Sanchez 
University of Texas at Austin 


Collegewise was such a great help! I’m a first generation college student and Rebecca Putter helped me find the perfect colleges to apply to for my interests. I wouldn’t have been able to apply to colleges and have the same understanding as I did with my counselor! I recommend Collegewise to everyone. Rebecca Putter is the most fantastic counselor who helped me feel great about all my decisions. She was so fabulous and helpful. 

Mackenzy Nikolakos  
LIM College 


I don’t think many parents can come up at the end of the whole college application/acceptance experience and say that they thoroughly enjoyed it! Well I can! We met our awesome counselor, Rebecca, back in the fall of 2014 and never looked back. Her professionalism, enthusiasm and love for what she does is truly inspirational. Nicole loved every single minute of dealing with her, as did we. The entire process with Collegewise is one that I highly recommend to all parents and students! The Collegewise model is a great way to help students make decisions on the colleges they’d like to apply to as well as their major. At the end of the day, it’s the student who puts in all the work and effort, with Collegewise as their coach and the parents as the cheerleaders. Our daughter had the wonderful guidance of Rebecca, but she put in all the work and finally committed to the perfect school for her! Thank you Collegewise and Rebecca! 

Sonia Phocas, Parent of Nicole Phocas 
University of Miami 


In my junior year, when the process of researching and applying to colleges began, I felt very overwhelmed by the whole idea of college. Neither of my parents had gone to an American university and none of us knew where to begin. Having Rebecca as a counselor changed all that– the hard work and dedication she put into my college process helped me find clarity in what I am truly passionate about (conflict resolution/ peace studies) and colleges that fit my specifications. One thing in particular Rebecca helped me with was understanding deadlines and getting things finished. I got my standardized testing, resumes, college list, college essays, and applications done early. As a result, I could rest easy knowing that everything was under control, and because I submitted many applications for Early Action, I got most of my acceptances before springtime! I am eternally grateful for my experience with Collegewise and I look forward to what lies ahead at UMiami!!! 

Nicole Phocas 
University of Miami 

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