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Foundations Program

Foundations counseling helps underclassmen execute key tasks and assessments that set the student up for success in their college application process.

  • Designed as a jumpstart program for students grades 8-10.

  • Provide a roadmap for student's high school timeline

  • Plan and select courses and activities that lay the foundation for a competitive college application

  • Create a timeline for testing and a decision on ACT/SAT and subject tests

  • Discuss college visits

  • Help plan and apply to summer programs

  • Practice writing and reflecting about themselves

  • Develop key study skills that help shape the student's sense of self by encouraging curiosity and initiative

  • Regular one-on-one meetings, with access to Rebecca as your counselor via email and phone between meetings

  • Access to an online project management system that allows counselors and students to organize and manage the college application process

Price for the Foundations Program starts at $6,500

"We could not be more excited about where Sophia landed (her dream school), and we owe a great deal to Rebecca as the process took much of the stress out of the experience while challenging our daughter to think broadly about her school list. "

Rick F.,

Parent of Sophia, New York University

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