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Who is Collegewise?

Collegewise started in 1999 as a solo practice with just one college counselor and has since evolved to include over 60 admissions experts and 40 testing and curriculum tutors across the US.  Today, Collegewise is a collective of independent college counselors united in their efforts to make the applications process a whole lot less stressful. 

What is your success rate?

98% of my students are accepted into one of their top 3 college choices. My UT Austin applicants are accepted at a rate 5X the national average. Over the past ten years, my students have been accepted to a wide range of schools ranging from the Ivy league to UCLA to Texas A&M to Georgia Tech and everywhere in between. 


How much does it cost to work with you?

Pricing depends on the program and hours purchased. I offer a wide array of services with prices ranging from $400 to $30,000 depending on a variety of factors ranging from the number of years we work together (1 - 5) to the amount of support your family desires from a college counselor.  Most full-service programs cost in the $12,000-$20,000 range. Once we’ve had a chance to meet and connect, I'll be better able to recommend a specific program for your family. 

What makes you different from your competitors?

I believe the cornerstone of a successful college admissions relationship is ensuring a good rapport between student and counselor. I'm fortunate enough in my practice that I get to be selective about the families I work with, which is why I like to hold a complimentary introductory session with prospective families. It is important for me to assess whether I connect well with the student because ultimately, they need to feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable in this process. 


My holistic approach to admissions mirrors how most colleges review their applicants. Students are multifaceted, and my student-centered approach seeks to understand and develop multiple dimensions of the individual. I use a counseling lens to get to know each student individually to help them assess their strengths, discover their interests, and find their best fit colleges. Over the course of our time together, students gain self-advocacy, organizational, time management, and self-confidence skills, which helps them succeed not just in high school, but in college, career, and beyond.

Additionally, my student-driven approach empowers students to take the reins, which affords parents the opportunity to be cheerleaders instead of taskmasters.

Where do we meet with you?
I currently work online via Zoom, which my families have found much more convenient for their busy schedules. Zoom meetings allow greater flexibility in scheduling, and allows me to check in with my families and work without geographic limitations (yes, I work with students from Austin to Seattle to New York to San Francisco and everywhere in between). 


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