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Premier Admissions Program

Premier Admissions counseling provides concierge college advising from start to finish, including strategic support to strengthen the student's possibility of admission. 

Includes everything in the Complete Admissions Program, plus:

  • Priority scheduling - Access to primetime spots on the counselor’s calendar

  • Increased meeting frequency – More frequent meetings with the counselor

  • In-depth major exploration - including assessments and informational interviews

  • In-depth extracurricular planning – brainstorming new activities that highlight the student’s interests, encouraging the student to demonstrate initiative, passion and leadership

  • Practice writing and reflective exercises – regularly administered writing prompts to
    bolster the student’s written skills along with constructive feedback and guidance

  • College interview preparation – support developing answers to frequently asked questions, conducting mock interviews, and access to proprietary interview preparation materials

  • Former admissions officer round table application review (Committee Review) – thorough application review and written feedback by 2-3 former admissions officers

  • Summer application support - support for all summer applications including associated essays as well as help identifying good fit summer opportunities to strengthen the student’s overall profile

Price for the Premier Admissions Program starts at $22,000

"Rebecca played an invaluable role in helping me articulate the strongest parts of my application, revision after revision. Her reminders and constant support were also the reason I was able to avoid my terrible habit of procrastinating. She was also always available for questions and freak outs. I never would have made it into the BSMD program at Brown had it not been for her guidance, advice, and support over the last 4 years."

Sanil D.,

Student, Brown University

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